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Before you start with any asana or breathing exercise, it is always advised to start with a warm-up yoga.  

Dhanurasana (Bow Posture)


  • Most beneficial yoga for the function of Pancreas, Intestines, and Live. Improves digestion process.

  • It strengthens the backbone structure, Lungs function, and Thigh Muscles.

  • Improves blood circulation and helps to get a good sleep pattern.


How to do?

  • Lie down on your stomach, breath-in fold both legs backward and hold by both hands, breath out and relax

  • While breath-in pushes your legs outwards, don’t leave your hands to hold firmly and lift your upper body and thighs, to form like a bow.

  • In this position Breath-in and out normally for 3-4 rounds (Feel the movements in your stomach, stretching of chest, thigh and back muscles while breathing in & out).

  • Breath-out release your hands and returns to normal position. Repeat this for 2 rounds.



  • Those who have Ulcer, Hernia avoid doing this yoga.

  • Pregnant women should avoid doing this Yoga.

  • This exercise will help to reduce your lower back pain.

I will be narrating the steps to follow. Please watch the video and keep up.

Comments are highly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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Here is the video! 

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