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Before you start with any asana or breathing exercise, it is always advised to start with a warm-up yoga.  

Ushtrasana (Camel Pose)


  • Helps to strengthen abdominal muscles and improves the shape of body posture.

  • Helps to relieve your lower back pain and improves the flexibility of your spine.

  • It opens the chest, improves respiration. Also reduces fat on thighs.

  • Stimulates Thyroid function


How to Do? 

  • Sit in leg folded condition, hold your ankles by both the hands.

  • Breathe in and lift your upper body and bend your neck to see behind. Do not remove hands from your ankle.

  • Do normal breathing in & out for few rounds and feel the muscle expansion around the hip, thighs, shoulders, stomach, and chest.

  • While breathing outcome back to normal leg folded position repeat this for two rounds.


Note: If you are not able to lift your body while holding the ankle, kneel down first and bend back to hold your ankle by hand one by one (First right and then left side) after few days practice you can do as above.




  • People suffering from back & neck injury, stiffness in knees and internal organ surgery should avoid the practice of this asana.

  • Women in their pregnancy period should not practice this asana.


I will be narrating the steps to follow. Please watch the video and keep up.

Comments are highly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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Here is the video! 

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