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Before you start with any asana or breathing exercise, it is always advised to start with a warm-up yoga.  

Sarvangasana ( also known as the Shoulder Stand pose) is one among the other lie down poses.


  • It gives you relaxation and relieves stress with the regular practice of this asana.

  • It increases blood circulation to the chest area thereby increases heart efficiency and relaxes the heart muscles.

  • The pose is good for leg, feet and varicose vein disorders. Also activates thyroid gland muscles, so that the function of the thyroid is enhanced.

  • It tones your shoulders, arm, neck, lower back as well as hamstrings.


  • People with neck, shoulder and elbow injury/issues, do not attempt to do excessively. This may increase the pain.

I will be narrating the steps to follow. Please watch the video and keep up.

Comments are highly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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Here is the video! 

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