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Before you start with any asana or breathing exercise, it is always advised to start with a warm-up yoga.


  • This will enhance your heart, kidney and liver function

  • Strengthens the legs, knees, and ankles.

  • It improves the digestion process.

  • Most beneficial yoga for your abdominal joint

How to do?

  • Stretch your right leg front and left leg perpendicular to it in a stretched condition.

  • Turn your body towards your right leg and raise your arm while breath-in.

  • Bend your right knee while breath-out and keep your right arm on the floor near to foot.

  • Keep your left Arm over the ears as shown and turn your face sideways.  

  • Keep your right thigh at either 90 deg or less angle to get more benefit. The left leg should be straight, heel touching the floor and facial muscles should be relaxed.

  • Stay there in this position for 3 rounds of breath-in & breath-out cycle. During this stage focus your mind inwards for the muscle movements while breath-in & breath-out cycle.

  • After that breath-in go back to the normal position. Repeat this for left leg

  • Repeat the whole process for 2-3 rounds.


  • Those who have knee / lower back pains don’t force to stretch more and if you feel pain while doing don’t stay for a long period. Attempting this upto your comfortable level will relieve your knee / lower back pain in a longer run.

I will be narrating the steps to follow. Please watch the video and keep up.

Comments are highly appreciated. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

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Here is the video! 

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